He needs my Need.

In the Old Testament Before the Name of Jesus was ever proclaimed by the Angels, God revealed Himself through compound names to His People. Each of these names displaying a different attribute of His character and power.

Jehovah-Jireh. In Genesis 22:14, He revealed Himself to Abraham as The Lord our Provider.

Jehovah-Rapha. In Exodus 15:26, Moses knew Him as The Lord our Healer.

Jehovah-Nissi. In Exodus 17:15, Moses built an Altar and declared Him as The Lord our Banner.

Of course these are just three out of several names of God found in the Old Testament. Each of these declaring the things that God desired to do for His people. On the backside of a desert, out of a burning bush, God told Moses to tell the people that He was the I am.

Throughout time He has proved this very thing. If you need a Healer, He says I am. If you need a Provider, He says I am. If you need a Protector, He says I am. If you need Peace, He says I am. And the list goes on and on.

As you may have figured out by now, life is not the bed of roses we assumed we were getting when we decided to live for God. Though we may enjoy the field of roses from time to time, we also feel the sting of thorns many times as well.

People get sick. Jobs are lost. Promises are broken. Lives fall apart. And this my friend is everyday life.

One of my students this Past Sunday morning made a simple yet profound remark that many have yet to learn. They said that living for God is going to be a harder life than one spent in the world. Though this is a topic for another time, so much truth is found in such a small statement.

We all find ourselves sometimes at the end of the rope, begging God for a break. Wishing that life was easier. That the cross would bear not so heavy.

In my Previous Post I addressed the Why’s in Life, and if I may let’s just imagine for a moment that those why’s are taken out of the equation.

Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart-attacks are never a thing. Loved ones never get sick. Bank accounts, pantries, and gas tanks are always full. The bitter chill of death is never felt again. Promises are always saw through and lies are never told. Our Hearts never get broken. Love always wins. Valleys are never walked through and permanent residence on the mountain is found.

Though this life may sound appealing to us all from time to time we must realize the one error that in a way explains the necessity for the why’s in our lives.

If there was never a Sickness would we have need of a Healer? If life never fell out from under our feet why need a Peace-speaker?

There are instances in Scripture where Jesus simply sent forth His word and Instantaneous Healing occurred. But yet when Jesus hears of the sickness of his dear friend Lazarus, He sends no word of Healing. On the contrary He allows his best-friend to die. Why? If there was no death, there would be no need for the Resurrection.

In Closing, this is a lesson learned the hard way but so valuable when truly understood. Oft times God allows the Why’s to happen in our life in order to show Himself strong and remind us that it is in Him alone that we can trust. He doesn’t need me to go forward, He already has everything. But in order to show forth His Power, He needs my Need.

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